Alerts, Mail, SMS, Automatic Deletion.
ConversationFlow helps you in your day-by-day moderation of sets of pages, providing you with a single interface and powerful alerts and tools!

Finding out what they're telling about you.
With ConversationFlow you can easily set alerts on Groups and Fan Pages: yours, public, fan-created or belonging to your competitors.

Who needs your Product or Service on Facebook?
Discover the brand new experience of engaging your customers on your pages, profiles and social stream in order to convince them you are the best choice!

Multiple Fan Page Moderation

Choose your Keywords and allow the Plaform to Alert you!

Programmed KeyWord Alerts

Let the Plaform automatically delete questionable content based on keywords.

Automatic Deletion

Find out what Fan Pages, Unofficial Pages and your Competitors say about you.

Competitive Intelligence

Find new opportunities and customers and engage the conversation with them!

Conversation Discovery

Single interface user engagement, reply, like, escalation!

Conversation Engagement

A single interface and workflow to collaboratively moderate tens of pages.